Our Mission

Our mission is to use guiding, coaching, and mentoring strategies that will guide people in making decisions for positive growth to delve into their gifts and talents in the world of entrepreneurship.

Our Vision

Our vision is everyone who enters our doors will leave with a greater sense of value and feel enriched with opportunities for positive growth of their gifts and talents affording opportunities to explore the many doorways to building greatness through entrepreneurship.

Our Core Values

We stand strong on a community of principles that embraces a positive mindset of respect, communication, honesty, trust, loyalty, creativity, accountability, and change. We support the similarities and commemorate the differences of everyone.

About Us

Linda and staff at Fundamentally Structured 357 provides a relaxed atmosphere affording a space for individuals to explore their ideas and thoughts, acknowledge their gifts and talents and work at creating personal and community generational wealth. We provide unique services of enhancing an essential... composition of guiding, coaching, and mentoring for positive growth of self value. Whether your need is personal or business related, every service is uniquely tailored to meet your needs. We listen to your thoughts and help you to structure them for positive effective growth. We help groom the person or a team of people for a lasting culture of success. Our atmosphere causes everyone to feel “valued”.

Our Services

Start-Up Business Guiding and Coaching

Our one-on-one coaching and mentoring techniques provide a friendly and comfortable environment as we assist entrepreneurs of all ages with developing and writing their business plans.

Uniquely Designed Guidance

Our one-on-one approach is designed to provide holistic guidance as you journey towards achieving your goal of becoming an entrepreneur. We provide a support system of walking with you from the planning to the implementing of your business venture.

Motivational Speaking Engagements

Our motivational speaking engagements set us apart from the normal “sit and listen” speaking sessions. We provide a positive atmosphere of value affording participants to be engaged in sessions through activities and discussions.

Meet Linda

Hi everyone! I am Linda! It is a pleasure to meet you! I am a 30-year experienced food service provider with geographical experiences in seventeen states. I earned Corporate Trainer Certification from Management and Strategy Institute and Educational Specialist degree from Grand Canyon University. My experiences range from working in restaurants, catering, long term care, assisted living, acute care, university dining services, K-12 schools, and headstart centers. I also have experience in clothing retail, banking, and currently education (K-12 and collegiate academics). Each chapter of my story afforded opportunities to create an atmosphere of helping people discover and embrace their value by receiving my innovative guiding, coaching and mentoring strategies. This catalyst of successful outcomes provided a "listening ear" and a "guiding word" for all who need a “go-to” place. I am passionate about helping individuals understand and accept their value. I embrace opportunities of guiding individuals in writing their "story" to become a winner in of a pool of "rising stars"!
Make it a happy day!
Linda Fontenot, EdS, CTC

Positively increase your growth mindset with guidance, coaching, and mentoring!

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